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Our Collaborators

Over 20 collaborators are now part of our team. Among them, accountants, lawyers, managers, business people, real estate agents, environment and public relations specialists, a special education worker, political organizers together with individuals experienced in managing municipal affairs. 

These are people who do not necessarily seek to become candidate counsellors but who represent valuable resources to help us deepen our knowledge of important issues for the future of La Prairie.

As you know, there is currently no opposition to the municipal council. We invite you to consult this article (in French)  which explains that 'when a council is formed mainly of the members of the same party, it is a dangerous council because imbued in its power, it will prioritize its own ideas to the detriment of the collective well-being .

In order to promote citizen consultation, we continue to actively recruit collaborators and invite those of you who wish to make positive changes in our city to contact us confidentially at fgalantai@electronicbox.net.

As a lifetime member of the Civic Action League, Mr Galantai can count on the support of the League for assistance with any issue related to good governance.

Our candidate counsellors

Our priority is to build a competent team of collaborators to provide our future candidates with the best possible support.


Then we will start the counsellor recruitment process. In the meantime, our team will continue to attend Council meetings and will continue to ask questions that are worth asking in the interest of the citizens of La Prairie.


Once our candidates are nominated in each of the 8 districts, we will choose who among them is best suited to run for mayor.


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